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Additional Home Insurance Coverage That You May Need – Texas Homeowner's Insurance

For homeowners in Texas, having comprehensive homeowners insurance is important. Texas is home to many natural disasters and Texas residents have many things to insure their homes against!

The unpredictable weather and chance of damage to your home means that an adequate level of coverage is the best way to protect your investment.

As a homeowner it is especially important to make sure you understand your policy, as well as its terms and exclusions. Understanding your homeowner’s policy allows you to be certain that you have the right amount of coverage, and allows you to know that you are protected against a wide number of destructive perils.

What is Generally Covered
Most homeowners insurance policies provide coverage for perils such as fire, hail, lightning, theft or vandalism. A traditional home insurance policy generally provides coverage for the following:

  • Dwelling - Covers the cost to rebuild or repair your home due to damages caused by named perils included in your policy.
  • Other Structures - Covers the costs involved to rebuild or replace additional structures on your property such as sheds, or garages.
  • Personal Property - Coverage offered for personal items covered by a specific loss that is outlined in your policy. If you have valuable items such as electronics, firearms, jewelry, or furs - you might need additional coverage.
  • Liability - Indemnity for you or your family in the event of a lawsuit brought on due to a third-party injury that is sustained on your property.
  • Loss of Use – Coverage for additional costs and living expenses should you need to relocate temporarily while your home is being repaired. 

What is Generally Excluded
In order to keep premiums down, standard homeowners insurance doesn’t generally cover flooding. Some policies also exclude windstorms, earthquakes, or damage caused by flooding that is due to a hurricane or tornado.

  • Flood

Many people are surprised to find that flood insurance is not part of their homeowner’s policy. Flood insurance is usually a separate policy.

  • Earthquake – Some homeowner’s policies exclude earthquake coverage, depending on the location and insurer.
  • Hurricanes/Tornadoes – Some insurance policies include coverage for hurricanes and or tornadoes, however, flood damage that is caused by a hurricane or tornado is often excluded. Be sure to check your policy, especially if you live in an area prone to hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding.
  • Windstorm

In some high-risk areas, windstorm coverage may be excluded. Ask your agent if you are covered in case of windstorm damage.

Every home insurance policy is different, depending on your location and insurance provider. If you have any questions regarding your insurance policy, contact your agent or consult your policy to find out which coverage you have before it’s too late.


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