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Are You Paying Too Much for Car Insurance: Common Ways to Overpay for Insurance

When it comes to car insurance, many drivers are overpaying with their policies.

Because many drivers are unaware of what is and isn't included in their policies, it’s easier for overpay without realizing it. Understanding what’s included in your policy can help you to choose the best coverage that you need, which in turn can help you to save.

If you are searching for the best deal on car insurance, here are some simple ways that you can save on your car insurance policy.

Submitting Driving Records
Many opt out of submitting their driving records to their insurance agency, but if you have a clean driving record - then why would you hide that? Your driving record, if clean -can often help you to save, in some cases up to 10%. Be sure to ask your insurance agent how your driving record can affect your insurance rates -and remember to keep the record clean! If you haven't submitted your driving records, it’s possible that you are overpaying for car insurance. 

Keep Your Insurer Up to Date
Make sure your insurer is kept up to date on significant changes in your life that can have an impact on your premiums. Changes such as moving into a safer neighborhood, or storing your vehicle inside of a garage rather than leaving it outside at night, can help to lower your rates. Updating your insurer on your marital status can help you to save as well.

Drive a Used Car
Driving a used car can help you to save –in more ways than one. While newer cars generally require more insurance because they have a higher value, as well as an increased risk of theft, used cars usually don’t require as much insurance, which can help you to save.

Raise Your Deductible
A higher deductible means lower payments. However, take care not to raise the deductible too high, since this is the portion that you will be responsible for paying when you make a claim. A good rule is to never raise the deductible higher than you could afford to pay if you were to make a claim.

At Texas Insurance Agency, our agents want to help you save! We offer competitive rates on comprehensive policies. Contact us with any questions you have concerning your current policy, or to obtain a quote through us. Our insurance agents will be happy to review your policy with you, to help you find ways that you can save.


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