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Boating Insurance FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Boating Insurance

Who doesn't love boating? The thrill of the open water, the wind and the sea, and the excitement of snagging big fish make boating a popular past time, and owning a boat a dream come true.

If you are a boating enthusiast, then chances are you understand the importance of making preparations and taking precautions before you take to the water.

Insurance is one of those important precautions that should be taken before you head out. The right boat insurance policy can protect your investment, as well as your liability, should something happen while you are out on the bay.

To help make finding a policy easier, we have compiled some boat insurance FAQs. Read on to learn more about boating insurance, and find out if you can benefit from a boating insurance policy.

What is a boat insurance policy?
A boat insurance policy is designed especially for boats. It offers protection for your boat, and equipment, and provides you with liability coverage. Boat insurance provides coverage for your boat while it is in the water and out of the water as well. Boat insurance generally will cover your boat while in the water, while in transit, and even while it is being moored or stored. 

Isn’t my boat covered under my homeowner’s policy?
Your homeowners policy may cover a boat, but this coverage is very limited, and generally only applies if the boat is damaged while on your property –rendering it useless if something happens while you’re out on the bay. Additionally, this coverage only goes up to a certain amount –usually about $1000-$1500 depending on the insurance company. This means that if someone wanders onto your property and steals your motor or some expensive gear, it’s more than likely that your homeowner’s insurance will not pay to replace everything.

Who needs boat insurance?
While not required, boat insurance is recommended for anyone who owns a boat. Accidents happen –even for those who are infrequent boaters- and it only takes a second for things to go wrong. A boat is a costly investment, as anyone who owns one knows! Don’t risk it all by going without insurance.

What does it cover?
Generally, boat insurance provides coverage for physical damage to your boat and equipment, as well as liability coverage in case your boat collides with another boat, damages a dock, or if someone on your boat becomes injured. Policies can also be obtained for towing, medical, wear and tear, and salvage.

To find out more about boating insurance in Texas, contact Texas Insurance Agency. (877) 952-1010. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and can help you to be prepared the next time you hit the open water!


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