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How to get cheap auto insurance for your teenager

There’s no doubt that your rates will go up when you add your teenager to your auto insurance policy. However, with some careful planning, it is possible to control how much the rates go up and get cheap auto insurance even with vehicle insurance for teens.

Here are some tips on how to get cheap auto insurance for your teenager:

Make sure your teenager drives a safe, reliable, boring car.

This may take some negotiation, since most teens will want to drive something fast and sporty. If you have more than one vehicle already, assign the teenager the car that is the lowest to insure. If you are buying a new car for the teen, research auto insurance losses and rates for different types of new and used vehicles. In general, sports cars cost more to insure. You can get insurance discounts for safety features and smaller cars.

Save on teenage auto insurance by encouraging your new driver to get good grades.

Most insurance companies offer a good student discount for students who get A’s and B’s. Not only can this help you save, it’s also good leverage; if the child isn’t doing well in school, use a car as a reward for bringing grades up.

Enroll the child in driver’s education classes to help lower the cost of vehicle insurance for teens.

Most companies offer discounts for teens who complete driver’s ed classes. Be sure to check beforehand, since classes are expensive. Compare the cost of the class to the money you’ll save on insurance.

Limit how much the teenager drives to save on teenage auto insurance.

Rates will be lower if the teen is listed as an occasional driver who only drives a certain amount of miles per year.

Get the right amount of auto insurance coverage for your teenager.

It may be tempting to get the minimum amount of coverage required, and this will save money. However, if an accident happens and you don’t have enough coverage, the results could be financially catastrophic.

Shop around for cheap auto insurance.

If you can’t get a break from your current insurer, it’s a good idea to compare other companies’ rates and coverage. Get rate quotes online and from an insurance agency in Texas. You may find that you can save money on your own auto insurance coverage as well as your new driver’s, which will help control the overall cost.

These are some ways to save on teenage auto insurance. There are also things you can do to work with your teen to help pay these new expenses and keep rates low – like getting a part time job to help cover costs and committing to safe driving practices. All of these will make both of you feel confident and make the new driving experience a pleasant one.

A knowledgeable Texas insurance specialist can provide all you need to know about auto insurance rates for teenagers.


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