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Classic Car Insurance: What is a Classic or Antique Car Insurance Policy?

Classic cars are beloved by their owners. Whether they are renovation projects painstakingly built from the ground up, or a purchase of a classic showpiece, most classic car owners can agree that a classic car is more than just a car.

When it comes to owning a classic car –many are surprised to know that they might not be covered with the right insurance policy. Since classic or antique cars are not the same as average cars, the policy to provide adequate insurance for classic cars is different as well. 

What is Considered a Classic Car?
A classic car usually refers to an automobile ten years or older that is rare or has historic interest. 
An antique car is usually considered to be an automobile 25 years or older. A classic car that is over 25 years old is also referred to as antique.

Who Needs Classic Car Insurance?
Your typical auto policy won’t cover many things that would be included in a policy that is designed specifically for a classic or antique car. 

Classic cars are subject to a lot more liability issues. Since many classic cars will be brought to car shows, they are seen by many different people, which increase the risk of damage to the car, and risk of liability.

No matter if you drive your classic car, or simply show it at car shows, a classic car insurance policy is important for protecting your investment. If you plan to show your car, you should also make sure your policy includes liability insurance. 

A few other things you should look for in an insurance policy would be medical, comprehensive, and collision. Many think that insurance is not needed for show cars, or that it is covered already, but don’t make that costly mistake. If you own a classic or antique car talk with an agent today to ensure you are insured properly.

Then go out and enjoy the car show – without having to worry!


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