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What you need to know before purchasing home insurance

If you own a home, you need home owners insurance. Home insurance can be expensive, but it offers crucial protection.

When a disaster like vandalism or weather related damage happens, it’s important to have the right policy from the right home insurance provider in Katy Texas. It can mean the difference between getting your home repaired quickly with little out of pocket expense and slow claims and huge expenses.

There are many things you need to know before buying home insurance policy in Katy, Texas. Here are some of them:

What do home insurance policies cover?

Home insurance protects from vandalism, theft and most weather related damage, but it doesn’t cover everything. In most cases, you’ll need separate coverage for flooding, earthquakes and other disasters. If you are in an area that is subject to flooding, earthquakes or other severe conditions, talk to a Katy TX home insurance provider about getting extra protection.

How to lower home insurance premiums

You can save on home insurance with some simple updates to your home. Deadbolts, alarm systems and smoke detectors not only make your home safer, they may help lower your monthly home owner insurance premium. You can also get discounts for updated roofing, plumbing, electrical and HVAC.

Shop around for better rates

Rates can differ greatly among insurance providers. Don’t assume that they are all the same; shop around by getting as many quotes as you can, and compare coverage carefully. Shopping around for better rates is easy if you know how to do it and have time. You can also allow the professionals at our insurance office do the shopping for you. Insurance agencies like Katy Insurance Agency know the market and can easily find the best rates for you.

Consider insurance claims processing times

Find out how quickly insurance providers process claims. An insurance agent should be able to tell you what the average turnaround time is for claims. Check Consumer Reports and other reviews, and be wary of a company that has many complaints. A slow home insurer may offer a lower policy cost, but don’t go with a policy on price alone. A slow claim processing can mean inconvenience and extra expense, especially if you need to find other housing while your home is repaired after damage or disaster.

Some insurers deal directly with customers, which saves money by cutting out the middleman. Direct marketing insurers may offer lower rates since their marketing is done online or by mail instead of an office. These companies save on overhead and can pass on these savings to their policyholders. However, you may be more comfortable and secure if you work with a local agent who is available when disaster strikes.

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