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How Can Insurance Help You With Your Water Damage?

While any homeowner knows how important it is to have insurance that protects their home and property from fire, theft, and other things that might damage it, one major insurance that is often overlooked is water damage insurance. While many insurance policies do not cover the damage caused by flooding, there are other ways that this kind of insurance can help protect not only the home and property, but the things that are inside it as well. Any homeowner who is considering buying home insurance that covers water damage should know exactly what it covers so they are not surprised by a lack of coverage if something should occur and anything in the home is affected by water.

It is important to remember that any water damage that is caused by neglect or a lack of maintenance in the home is not covered by this kind of insurance. For example, a leaking pipe that is left for years so that water seeps into the foundation or causes mold to grow in the basement would not be covered because that is something that is preventable. Storm damage, such as water coming through a broken window caused by debris or high winds are often covered, as is water damage that occurs from malfunctioning appliances, (such as washing machines) but only if the accident happened suddenly and not because the homeowner failed to maintain the appliance and it broke down due to neglect. Because of this, anyone who takes out a home insurance policy that covers any kind of water damage should know their rights and what it will cover, no matter how it happened.

If a roof happens to be damaged during heavy rains and water gets inside the house to ruin the furniture or electronic appliances, in this case, insurance will likely cover the damage to whatever was inside the home, but the homeowner will have to cover the cost of having the roof fixed because that falls under the home maintenance clause. People who live in areas where there are heavy rains and flooding should look into extra insurance for that, as most policies do not cover floods, and flood insurance can only be purchased in areas that are affiliated with those programs (such as coastal areas and those that lie under sea level). Having water damage coverage on a home insurance policy can cover not only the home, but the many irreplaceable valuables inside of it.


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