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How to Lower Your ATV Insurance Rates: Save Money on ATV Insurance

Looking for some ways to save money on ATV insurance? At Texas Insurance Agency, we know how important saving money is. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of ways to save money on an ATV or quad bike insurance policy.

Determine Where You Will Drive
Depending on where you plan to drive your ATV, your rates could be lower. If you plan to drive in secluded areas, away from crowded areas with people or vehicles – chances are your insurance rates will be lower than if you were to drive in busy places such as at state parks where damage and liability could be higher.

Practice Safety
Talk with your agent about ATV safety courses. Many insurance companies offer discounts –just for taking a safety course. Having a clean ATV driving record with fewer insurance claims can also help to keep your rates down, so make sure you practice safe driving, and slow down around those corners!

Combine Policies
By combining your policies through the same company, you often receive a bigger discount. Try asking your insurance company about bundling your house, vehicle, and ATV polices for a discount. You may be able to save!

Get the Right Policy
One size fits all is not the right way to approach an insurance policy. Your insurance policy should be custom designed to fit around your specific needs. While an ATV enthusiast should have a comprehensive policy, a basic policy may be fine for someone who doesn’t ride that often. If you feel that your policy goes above and beyond what you need, talk with your insurer to see about a more basic policy.

Shop Around
Sometimes you can find a better deal by shopping around. Be careful though, sometimes what may seem like a better deal will provide less coverage when you make a claim. Make sure you compare like-for-like coverage when shopping around.

Be sure to talk with your agent today, to learn more ways that you can be saving on your ATV policy. Call Texas Insurance Agency to find out how you can save today: (877) 952-1010


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