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How to lower your Auto Insurance Premium through Discounts and Special Offers

With the economy in flux, every driver and vehicle owner is looking for ways to lower the cost of monthly auto insurance in Texas.

Most drivers however, do not receive the discount they deserve either because they are unaware they are entitled to them or fail to take advantage of them for some other reasons.

At Insurance Agency Texas, your one-stop Texas discount insurance shop, we strive to help our customers save money every day by educating them on the discounts and special offers available to them.

Here are 10 ways to save money on your auto and home insurance in Katy, Houston, Cypress, Sugar Land, The Woodlands, Fulshear, Richmond, Sealy, Fairfield and Tomball, Texas.

1. Buy multiple insurance from same carrier

Whether you are looking for home insurance in Houston, auto insurance in Katy, motorcycle insurance in Fulshear or boat insurance in Texas, combining these policies with the same insurance company will greatly lower your monthly cost. You could potentially receive 20% off your monthly insurance premium by combining your Houston auto insurance with the boat insurance and motorcycle insurance.

2. Lower auto insurance through Good Driver Discount

In auto insurance, good guys and girls finish first. Being a good driver has its rewards as more insurance policy providers look for drivers with consistently good driving records. You could receive up to 10-20% discount on your monthly premium for not getting into “at-fault” accidents in the previous three years.

3. Ask for Professional Insurance Discount

Depending on your profession, you might be able to lower your insurance rate. Most insurance companies in Texas offer auto insurance discounts to certain professions like Engineers, Doctors, Scientists, Teachers and more. Ask your insurance provider for this discount if you are a professional.

4. Renew your insurance for huge discount

Staying with an insurance company longer has its rewards. This is because the longer you stay with the same company, the more valuable you are to them as a policy holder so they offer 1-10% discount for renewing your policy.

5. Receive Texas consistency insurance discount

Have you had auto insurance consistently for the past few years? You may be entitled to up to 10% discount from your insurance policy provider due to your consistency. Ask your insurance provider for this discount.

6. Texas student insurance discount helps too

Good students in Texas receive insurance discounts from some auto insurance providers. The student insurance discount applies to persons who are under the age of 25, unmarried, full-time students with high grade point averages. These grade point averages are set by the insurance companies but are usually in the B average. If you qualify, this could save you an additional 10% off your monthly premium.

7. Install theft recovery and deterrent system

Drivers with comprehensive or full insurance coverage may receive discount if they have theft recovery and deterrent systems in their vehicles. Though this discount is minimal compared to the cost of installing such deterrent systems, it may be worth considering. Ask your auto insurance provider the amount of the discount and decide if this is worth pursuing.

8. Add more than one vehicle to your insurance policy

Adding more than one vehicle to your auto insurance in Texas will help lower the cost of your monthly policy. This is because more cars on the same policy means that the cars do not get much use and this lowers their exposure to risk.

9. Receive low mileage discount

Drivers that travel less than 12,000 miles per year typically receive discounts. This discount may be harder to obtain because it requires you to report your mileage at the beginning of the policy and at all renewals, and exceeding the mileage requirement could be a problem and lead to increase in monthly premium.

10. Passive restraint and air bags insurance discount

Buying a vehicle with airbags or other passive restraints will lower your monthly insurance premium since they are considered safer to drive and less prone to deaths during accidents.

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