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Married? Important Insurance Considerations to Add to Your Checklist

While it most likely won’t be the first thing on your to-do-list after getting married, it’s something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Taking a few minutes to update your insurer on your new marital status, and making changes to a few of your policies can help you to save, and ensure that your polices are all accurate and up-to-date.

Here is a brief overview of insurance policies you should consider changing once you are married.

Homeowners / Renters Insurance
You are now sharing a house, why not also share an insurance policy? For homeowners, an insurance policy is a must-have and is required whenever you have a mortgage. For renters, you can save on your insurance policy by combining your policies. Just make sure that your policy cap is high enough to cover the combined value of your belongings.

Auto Insurance
If you are sharing vehicles, make sure your spouse is added to your insurance policy. As long as your spouse has a good driving history, you may be eligible for a bundling discount. Consider bundling your policies together for a lower rate.

Life Insurance
Life insurance may not be something you have ever considered before, but now that you are married, it may be wise to consider taking out a life insurance policy. It not something anyone likes to think about, especially just after getting married –but it’s an important consideration that shouldn’t be overlooked as you prepare for your future together. You may also consider adding disability insurance to your policy as an additional precaution.

Most insurance companies offer discounts for married couples as well, so be sure to update your insurer on your marital status as soon as possible.

For more information on home insurance, auto insurance, or life insurance, contact Insurance Agency Texas today. Find out how you can save on an insurance policy.


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