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Texas Horse Ranch Insurance Coverage

When it comes to insuring your horse ranch, it’s important to have the right amount of coverage.

But finding the right coverage, and understanding which policies you need to protect your investments can be challenging. Understanding your available options can help you to make a decision, allowing you to be certain that you have enough coverage.

A horse ranch insurance policy can provide coverage for the following options:

Property Coverage
Property coverage can provide coverage for buildings such as your house, barns, stables, outbuildings, or other structures on your property. Property insurance is basic insurance that provides coverage for buildings against storms, fires, or other perils. Optional coverage can extend to cover the buildings’ contents as well.

Liability Coverage
Liability insurance provides important protection in case of liability lawsuits. If someone becomes injured on your property, you could be held liable -even if the accident wasn’t directly your fault. Liability insurance can cover your legal defense costs, court fees, and judgments.

Vehicle/Equipment Coverage
There are many vehicles involved with running a horse ranch. Everything from hay balers, to tractors, and personal vehicles can be insured under a horse ranch insurance policy.

Livestock Coverage
Livestock insurance helps to protect your investment of livestock in the case of loss from an accident, natural disaster, or carelessness of others.

Personal Property Coverage
Many horse ranch owners live on the property they operate the ranch on. Because of this, Texas Insurance Agency offers coverage that can extend to provide coverage for your personal belongings that are located on the premises. 

Workers Compensation Coverage
If your horse ranch employees any number or people, workers compensation is vital. If an employee were to have a work related injury, worker’s compensation would provide coverage for their medical payments and lost wages. Make sure any contract workers that you hire are insured with worker’s comp as well.

Talk with Texas Insurance Agency to find out about extra coverage against floods and other natural disasters as oftentimes these require additional coverage. Talk with your agent about additional coverage to make sure you and your property are protected in case of peril. (877) 952-1010


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