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Travel Insurance Coverage Options: Basic Travel Insurance Options

Planning for a trip is an exciting time! But before you head off to destination unknown, make sure you check into travel insurance –just to make sure you are covered in case of the unexpected.

When it comes to travel insurance, there are different routes you can take to ensure your coverage.

Depending on your trip, and general reason for travel, your insurance coverage will vary. Here are a few different coverage options to help you to decide which policy is right for you when choosing coverage for you and your family.

Trip Cancellation Coverage
Cancelation coverage is one of the most popular reasons for travel insurance, since prepaid trip expenses such as airfare and hotels are usually nonrefundable. Trip cancellation coverage will reimburse you in the event that your trip is canceled for reasons that are included under the policy. The reasons for cancellation are unforeseen reasons such as illness or injury, natural disasters, terrorism, or even an unexpected lay off at work.

Trip Interruption Coverage
Interruptions to your trip while traveling would be covered under this plan. The coverage that trip interruption provides is similar to trip cancellation coverage. You would generally be reimbursed for the unused portions of your airfare, as well as the return ticket - depending on your plan’s coverage limit.

Emergency Medical
While your health insurance might cover the costs of a medical emergency, most plans don’t provide coverage if you plan to travel internationally. Emergency medical travel insurance can help to provide coverage in case you are injured or become ill outside of the USA.

Luggage Delay
Should your luggage arrive delayed, or if it is lost or stolen, luggage delay would cover the reimbursement for replacement items needed. 

Cancellation for “Any Reason”
An “any reason” cancellation insurance plan would cover you for just about any reason, including those not included under standard trip cancellation coverage. Reasons could include changing of your mind, or if you simply decided not to go.

Since each travel insurance plan is different, it’s important to check with your insurance agent to find out what options are available, before you purchase a plan. Be sure to let your agent know which coverage options are important to you, to ensure that your policy contains the right level of coverage for your needs.


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