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Who doesn’t want to save a few dollars? When it comes to home insurance, there are more ways than you might expect to save on insurance.

Here are some of the simple things in life that can actually cause your insurance rates to rise. Take a look and see if these could possibly be the root of your rising insurance rates.


Dog bites account for more than one-third of all homeowner insurance liability claims. Because of this, many insurance agencies charge more for insurance for those who have dogs on the premises, especially certain breeds. Often, getting your dog obedience training can help to lower your premiums.


For homes with pools, insurance agencies will often offer liability coverage at a higher rate. Some insurance companies recommend, or even require fences to be installed around the pool to lower the risk of a pool-related death or accident. Homeowners can be held liable for those using their pool –even if those users are strangers who use their pool without permission.


Trampolines are another common source of injury. Often it is recommended that safety measures be taken to limit the amount of injuries obtained on a trampoline. It may also be required that your trampoline be placed a safe distance away from trees or buildings.


Treehouses can cause insurance rates to go up. According to the National Safety Council, falls account for 26 percent of all accidental injuries and deaths at home. Because of their height, treehouses are considered a risk and a liability. Often insurance companies have treehouse exclusion clauses, or you can pay more to have this liability covered.

Home Businesses

When it comes to insurance, home insurance policies generally don’t extend to provide coverage for business-related liability incidents. It is recommended to take out additional insurance for your home business instead of relying upon your home insurance policy to cover you.


Fireplaces are common in homes, but they are also responsible for a high percentage of home fires each year. If your home has a fireplace, your premiums may increase. You should also inform your insurance company if you install a fireplace. Failure to alert your insurance agent of a fireplace that has recently been installed could lead to a voided policy if there is a fire.


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